Truck In The Community

Truck in the Community Launches the Truck Trust!

Hiya 👋

We’re super excited to announce the launch of Truck in the Community!

Truck in the Community’s goal is to support and uplift charities and organisations at the heart of the festival. Each year Truck creates training and work opportunities, promotes Oxfordshire’s arts and local music scene, builds relationships with and supports local businesses whilst ensuring the festival is accessible to all.

You can find out more about our work in the community on our new web pages. Truck in the Community will help to open up multiple channels through which individuals and organisations can get involved.


Alongside this The Truck Trust will launch applications in Spring, allowing collectives, organisations or charities to apply for funding!

Truck will continue to increase fundraising opportunities and donations to the Trust every year, whilst ensuring a wide range of organisations can apply for funding.

So, if you have a brilliant idea or simply wish to apply for funding we’d love to hear from you!
Email: [email protected]