Gaz Coombes

Oxfordshire local Gaz Coombes is another artist that played a majestic set five years ago at Truck Festival 2013, and he’s finally back too after much clamouring from the festival team and audience alike!

He’s just released a video for his first single from his latest solo album World’s Strongest Man, ‘Deep Pockets’. The self-directed and edited clip features the ex-Supergrass frontman undertaking one of the trippiest Uber-pool journeys from the back of a cab in Los Angeles.

As the father of two girls and the only man in the house, the record explores male psychology with great humour and sharp self-awareness. Coombes has never stopped writing music that gives us goose bumps, but his new material is finally doing the same for the icon himself. It was a “new emotion,” he recalls, “like nothing I’d felt before, and it would choke me.”

World’s Strongest Man is released on 4th May 2018 and we’re beyond excited to hear it both on record and live at Hill Farm!

Gaz Coombes - Deep Pockets