Tom Walker

“I was never really interested in anything else other than music, but I wasn’t particularly good at anything else either. When I did my GCSEs, I got four Cs, a D, an E and an A star in music. That’s the story of my life”

Many of us have a dream or calling which we never act upon, and so we end up forever wondering “What if?” Others stop at nothing until they achieve a goal, and Tom Walker – a heartfelt singer-songwriter in the Paulo Nutini tradition, but who combines big singing pipes with minimalist, rap-style production – is one of those people. Barely into his twenties, with 50 million streams to his name and on Radio 1’s Brit List, he has already played at Glastonbury and appeared on the BBC’s festival TV coverage next to the Foo Fighters. However, he’s also been the guy fronting a band playing to an empty room, sleeping in train stations or borrowing the bus fare for that one more music class that might make all the difference.

Tom Walker - Leave a Light On