Truck 1999

The headliners King Prawn were fronted by a man with an expansive beard and wearing an orange tunic of some kind. The line-up is a mix of local country-rock, heavier stuff, and grunge/indie. And Frigid Vinegar- remember “Dogmanaught 2000”? we were all obsessed with the year 2000 and the millennium bug in those days, though it eventually passed without incident.

A lot of the bands on the Truck stage had featured on the Oxford-based Shifty Disco singles club, a CD-single subscription which released a different artists each month, including Four Storeys, Dustball, Samurai Seven, Whispering Bob (featuring the festival organisers), ATL?, Overground – in fact, pretty much all of them.

Southampton’s Orko played in the Barn (still the small side-barn at this point) and arrived early to help clean it out and sweep the farmyard. A friend of theirs had a few ales at the local pub and careered his car into a fence at the farm on the run-up to the festival, nearly getting the whole thing (and probably all subsequent festivals) cancelled. Members of Orko became Truck regulars and label signings Black Nielson, and 2 of them are now in Co-Pilgrim.

The Barn on the Sunday was already ensconced as the home of metal, with local heroes Black Candy and Mindsurfer appearing, while Saturday was more indie, with bands travelling from as far afield as Reading, Southampton and Wokingham.