Truck 2003

Fast-rising bands such as British Sea Power (hereafter, BSP) and The Futureheads graced the Truck, while founders Robin & Joe’s band Goldrush teamed up with Mark Gardener of Oxford legends Ride, who had arguable got the ball rolling for the Oxford music scene in the early 90s. The main headline set was billed as being by “The Brotherhood of Fish”, in fact a sort of deranged revue put together by recent Mercury Prize nominees The Electric Soft Parade, performing under an assumed name for mysterious security reasons.

Quite a number of fairly eccentric Brighton musicians joined them onstage for various antics, and they still found time to play ESP’s own great tunes, although the stage ran several hours late, long into the night… we remember encountering members of ESP & BSP enjoying their trip to the country, gazing blankly across the fence into the eyes of confused sheep sometime around 5am. That’s festival fever for you.