Truck 2005

Truck had developed a reputation for finding and promoting great music, but 2005 was probably the year the start aligned for two epic headline sets- Biffy Clyro, when they were still a few leaps away from their current arena-rocking status, headlined with a snarling main stage performance one night; then, the Magic Numbers closed the festival the very week their debut album reached number one in the charts (these things still mattered back in 2005!). Photos of the Numbers taken in hay barns at the farm graced the cover of NME the following week, too, and they would be back as friends and guests in the years to come.

Perhaps even more memorable was the singalong in the Market Stage as the American songwriting legend Chip Taylor and his partner Carrie Rodriguez played “Angel of the morning” (yes, the same one sampled by Shaggy, but Chip wrote the song). Mystery Jets made an early and slightly chaotic appearance, multi-membered troupe Do Me Bad Things played, kicking off their moment in the sun with considerable flair, and Patrick Wolf made an early (and excellent) appearance. There was much debate about Brazil’s DJ Marky appearing in the barn, especially as he arrived rather late, but almost certainly Truck was the only festival that summer you could see both Chip Taylor and DJ Marky!

The opening act on the main stage was a lad we’d found in Southend, Sam Duckworth, a.k.a Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – one to watch for the future! Eamon from British Sea Power, Marc from the Tenderfoot and Tom & Alex from Electric Soft Parade appeared for the first time with their indie supergroup Brakes, who found their loving second home at Truck Festival for years to come. Over in the barn, Towers of London – remember them? no? walked around looking silly, while iForward Russia! rocked the Trailerpark tent with their hand-numbered songs.