Truck 2008

We were excited to get The Lemonheads to perform their album “It’s A Shame About Ray”. For some, the set was a little flat, but we enjoyed it very much. Perhaps remarkable that they could play at all, given the variety of medications that had to be found before Evan Dando could go onstage. He’d arrived a day late, completely missing a scheduled warm-up gig, even though his two band-members and long-suffering tour manager were already in Steventon. A few hours before showtime nobody was really sure whether Evan would arrive at all. But he did, just about. For the second year in a row, there was a legendary rock keyboard player on site: this time, Ian “Mac” MacLagan, of the Small Faces, the Faces, and even (for a time) the Rolling Stones. He was playing with his own band, and stood appreciatively at the side of the stage will other acts played. What a dude. Danny and the Champions of the World made a very memorable first appearance proper on the truck stage, accompanied by many bearded and face-painted types including Romeo of the Magic Numbers and the giant furry Truck Monster, newly installed as the festival mascot. Maps blew the cobwebs off the barn during a day curated by Sonic Cathedral, making clear their shoegaze roots with an epic cover of Ride’s “Leave them all behind”, while Rolo Tomassi holy-roared the place down, linking their set with that of regulars Youthmovies with an improvised freeform jam. Yacht were incredible and got everybody dancing, while Dodgy got everyone singing (in fact, such a large crowd gathered outside the market stage singing :Staying Out For The Summer”, etc, that the following year the stage had to be moved. Some promising newcomers Noah and the Whale and Laura Marling played.

Get Cape returned to headline, preceded by Frank Turner and Rival Schools’ Walter Schreiffels, for some reason playing as Blimey & the Governors. In those days it was hard to keep up with exactly who was playing where and when, as everyone was so busy having Truck fun. If you can remember it, you weren’t there