Truck 2010

A diverse and interesting line-up with Mew and Teenage Fanclub headlining alongside many returning heroes – 65 Days of Static, Blood Red Shoes, Stornoway. Fionn Regan appeared with some Truck regulars in his band – he’d played at the festival in it’s early days too, and he was this year’s mystery appearance, being listed as Near Fog Inn.

Teenage Fanclub and Fionn joined in the aftershow sing-song, leaving a small tent spellbound as they sang some of their best tunes. We recall one of the Fanclub leaving at 5 or 6 am having injured his foot kicking a bottle. No glass on site gentlemen! Bellowhead stepped away from the folk circuit and found that their music was much appreciated by the Truck crowd too, so much so that they returned to headline the following year.

We finally got Mercury Rev to play, and in true maverick style, Jonathan Donahue and Grasshopper decided to play an instrumental soundtrack to the Kenneth Anger movie “Lucifer Rising”. Look it up, but not if you’re at work. Jonathan decided not to be on stage at all, operating the sound desk instead, and those that could get in to the barn were treated to either the best gig ever, or the worst, depending on who you asked. That’s the way we like it. Because of council limits that year, the barn capacity was rather low, which had become a problem; when Ms Dynamite played, the queue stretched round the block, but it was worth it for those who did get in, by all accounts. I couldn’t get in. The Friday night opening was becoming popular, with BBC Oxford Introducing running a packed-out stage on that night (the festival itself was still Saturday & Sunday).