Camping at Truck? Well Truck Festival has 6 campsites adjacent to the arena

Monster Camping: Right next to the arena Monster Camping is for those is for those who are happy to stay up late

Family Camping: An area reserved for those who have purchased Family Camping Tickets. This is quieter area reserved for those with children under 13. It is closer to the car park, while only a short distance to the arena. It also has it’s own wristband to ensure that families can have their own perfect Trucking experience.

Zodiac Fields: For those after a few more comforts, this is a more spacious campsite, with access to Hot Showers and Porcelain thrones. An additional upgrade is required for this campsite.

Glamping: Luxury camping with Bell Tents, Lodges, Ridge Tents and Pitch Village is available all weekend for those wanting to add a touch of glamour to their Truck experience.  Our full range of Glamping structures can be found here.

Accessibility Campsite: Right next to the arena, it is reserved for Accessibility ticket holders

Caravans and Campervans Field: This is a separate field for Campervan and  Caravans. An additional ticket is needed to gain access. The fields do not have electric hookups, pitches are 6m x 9m and you are able to have one tent or awning alongside your camper/caravan for guests but everything MUST fit within the pitch size including any other vehicles.

For more on our campsites please visit our info page – here