Resident Tickets


Resident Tickets –¬†there’s a change!

Truck is in its 22nd year and we could not have done it without the constant support from the Steventon community. With this in mind, we will be offering highly discounted tickets to those within the village.

Unlike previous years, Residents will not be able to purchase discounted tickets from Steventon Post Office this year. Instead, we will be releasing an application form, where you will be asked for 2 forms of proof of address and a copy of photo ID. Applications will be processed on a bi-weekly basis and are distributed on a first come first serve basis.

In short, the same process as previous years, but now online!

Applications will go live on 16th May

Please note there is a maximum of 4 Adult Weekend Tickets per household

Only Steventon Village residents are eligible for these tickets, no other surrounding areas are entitled to these tickets.

Please expect a response within 14 days of applying.

If you have any questions relating to Residents Tickets, please email [email protected]