Guest-List: Gaffa Tape Sandy

“We are very very excited to be back playing Truck Festival this year”

On the countdown to Truck we’re asking our lovely line-up for their favourite picks of the line-up and collate into a wonderful handy Spotify playlist – following?

Kicking off, we have the wonder-trio Gaffa Tape Sandy! We caught up with them about their second appearance on the trot at Hill Farm and their highlights from this year’s line-up.

“We are very very excited to be back playing Truck Festival this year. It was easily our favourite UK festival from last year, as not only was the crowd lively & loving, but the stage was fantastic and we were treated so so well by everyone” says singer-guitarist Kim Jarvis. “We even had a buggy ride with all of our gear which was thrilling!” (We offer only the best service at Truck fyi)

GTS have curated a 20-song-hour-long playlist, back to back with some of their highlights from, and I quote, “the definitive Alt-Rock line-up of the year.”

Gaffa Tape Sandy – Truck Festival 2018 – @gaffatapesandy

“We generally went with tracks that are quite heavy, have a lot of energy in them, and keep us pumped as we’re traveling between shows or working & studying” Jarvis explains. “They’re all bangers really, but standouts would be Idles – ‘1049 Gotho’, FONTAINES D.C. – ‘Too Real’ & Cassels – ‘Hating Is Easy’.

But, the burning question of course.. Favourite potato-based snack? “Potatoes are a snack! Boil ’em, mash’ em, stick ’em in a stew… But we’ll go for a big plate of Hash Brown’s & ketchup, please and thank you.” – good answer.

Check out Gaffa Tape Sandy’s playlist below and keep following for more exclusive curations soon!