Guest-List: Fickle Friends

“Gunna be sickkkkk”

On this week’s Guest-List we’ve got our good friends Fickle Friends! We asked them about new music, the last time they played Truck and asked them to curate a playlist of current favourites and 2020 picks!

The Brighton 4-piece first joined us waaaay back in 2014, but their 2018 Market Stage slot wasn’t one to be missed. “How can we forget the best day ever?!” said lead singer Natassja Shiner “I dressed like I came from space, it poured with rain, we drank prosecco, got drenched and danced to Friendly Fires (our fave band). Then we dj’d the dance tent. It was a truly epic day.”

Photo: Zac Mahrouche

Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock, Fickle Friends recently dropped an absolute belter of a track aptly named ‘Pretty Great‘. But this is only the beginning..

“Can fucking way to drop all the new tunes and play them for everyone at Truck. Gunna be sickkkkk!” says Shiner

Natassja revealed who else you should check out at Truck 2020 along with their hour long playlist, which you can check out below!

Dinosaur Pile Up (we are massive fans and they will kick ass!) And Genghar…who are incredddddd!”

Hit the link to listen to Fickle Friend’s playlist and why not give us a follow whilst you’re there?


Fickle Friends play The Main Stage at Truck 2020 – Tickets on sale now!

Much Love
Truck HQ x