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What to Bring

Your Truck checklist:

  • Ticket  –We ask that you print your e-ticket off and have it ready to be scanned to reduce queue lengths.
  • Photo ID – For more info check out our ID page. Photocopies will be accepted for entry but not for serving alcoholic drinks at bars.
  • Phone – For finding friends and taking snaps
  • Sunglasses – Don’t get that glare.
  • Tent & Sleeping Bag- Your home for the weekend
  • Wellies/Waterproof Anorak – Hopefully won’t need it but hey, it’s England!
  • Baby Wipes – For a quick freshen up! Please try to purchase compostable wipes.
  • Water/water bottle – Be sure to stay hydrated at all times! There are water taps across the festival site.
  • Torch – Guy ropes can be monsters in the dark!
  • Loo Roll – Better safe than sorry!
  • Toiletries  – Towel, soap, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Sun Cream – We don’t want any lobsters! (show me your clawsss)
  • Medication – Inhalers etc.
  • Spare (warm) clothes – The nights can get nippy!
  • Fancy Dress – Keep an eye on our Facebook page to vote for your favourite theme!
  • Human repair kit – Plasters, headache tablets etc.
  • Food – There are plenty of food stalls at the festival but it’s always handy to have some shnacks with you.
  • Cash/Card – There are limited ATMs at the festival but most traders and bars accept contactless payment, however it is good to have cash just in case.