Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith’s music sounds so bucolic, so natural, that it encourages you to think of something beautiful, almost pastoral.

The reality, though, is a little harsher. He grew up in the small Scottish town of Polmont, a kind of nowhere zone 50 miles outside of Glasgow. The songwriter’s journey, his experiences of both love and trauma, fuel an incredible new EP. Picking up the guitar, following a bout of friendly competition with his cousin, Aaron became infatuated with music; later, he discovered a makeshift studio in a dusty corner of his school’s music department, and began sketching out songs – simple, at first, but then more complex, more confident. “It wasn’t great, but it was workable,” he recalls. “I was self-taught, really. I wrote my first song when I was 14, put it on Facebook, and started from there. That’s how I discovered I could write Songs.”

Stunning lead single ‘Better Than You Loved Me’ deals explicitly with the trauma of his childhood. The beautiful piano ballad ‘Unspoken’ is a real highlight, a song of emotional strength that deals with the desperate desire to communicate.

We’re looking forward to this, see you there.