Bag of Cans

Bag of Cans are a five-piece band birthed from the effervescent swamp which is the Norwich music scene. They have weaved their way through the musical ranks on a sound described as “a gloriously surreal mix of old school indie, Weimar Berlin cabaret and Kinks circa Village Green Preservation Society”, garnering a reputation for their invariably hectic live shows and on-stage antics. Sinewy guitar lines glide between a relentless rhythm section and a penchant for indie-pop vocal-harmonies.

After a Covid-enforced separation, the band reconvened in Norwich and swiftly resumed tearing up East Anglian venues amongst a frenzy of writing, recording and releasing singles. In September 2022 they signed with Fierce Panda Records to release an album in 2023. In his autobiography, managing director Simon Williams described his first experience of the band as leaving him “gently fizzing”, like a pint of Berocca.

Recent releases ‘Spin Cycle’ and ‘Pub Money’ got some big love from Lamacq on the BBC 6 Music airwaves, with all that hard work culminating in a capacity pushing headliner at the legendary Norwich Arts Centre. They followed this with a release show for ‘Sorry Mum That I Was Hungover This Christmas’ at the iconic Adelphi Club in Hull and packing out a top-of-the-bill gig at Dream Bags, Jaguar Shoes in London.

Harnessing this momentum as they head into 2023, the Cans have plans to pound the festival circuit, support some major touring acts (including Personal Trainer) and continue spreading their musical tendrils from the East to the rest of the UK. Their debut album ‘We Are a Band’ is set to be released later this year.