Bombay Bicycle Club

‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’ was the last song to be written for Bombay Bicycle Club’s fifth album, and it makes perfect sense that it gives the record its name. “It seemed to encapsulate everything the album is about,” says singer/guitarist Jack Steadman. Like the album, the song is about hope and renewal, about finding safety in what brings you comfort, in what you love the most, while all around is crumbling. “Keep the stereo on, everything else has gone wrong,” the chorus declares. The driving, insistent beat builds to a middle eight that could sum up the story of the band’s last five years: “I guess I’ve found my peace again, and yes, I’ve found my second wind…”

The pulsating, euphoric ‘Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)’, encapsulates all the ingredients that made this exciting British band so popular before heading on an extended hiatus having sold out a triumphant London Earls Court show back.

They started to test the waters of being a band again as Steadman and Nash went off to a friend’s house in Cornwall, spending one week out of every month there for the first half of 2019, where they worked on demos separately, coming together in the evenings to go through what they had done. It took everything back to the very beginning.

This feeling of rejuvenation, of a rediscovered sense of purpose, runs through the bones of ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’. “Lyrically, it’s the most different to any of the previous ones. The songs are quite direct and personal, but not about relationships, like the other albums. I can feel more of Jack or Ed in it,” explains MacColl. Nash says that when the band began, they were, for obvious reasons, writing about being teenagers. “For me, this record is looking at the next stage of being in your late 20s,” he says. “I Worry Bout You is about caring for someone. There are songs about companionship, about trying to find your place in the world, all these things we never really touched upon before. All of our friends are struggling with that next stage in life.”