Based in South London, five-piece post-punk band DEADLETTER has captured my imagination with their early 2021 single ‘Fall of the Big Screen’. As someone who champions the smaller, indie creatives and the spaces they inhabit, it has been painful to see the arts fall by the wayside over the pandemic. Like many smaller businesses, they haven’t had the help they may have needed. Nor do they have the coffers to tide them over as big corporations do. DEADLETTER clearly feel the same too as ‘Fall of the Big Screen’ is a track about the closure of cinema and independent creative spaces. Hopefully, post lockdown/pandemic, there will be a surge of enthusiasm into the art scene. DEADLETTER is far more pessimistic I assume with their quickfire, post-punk slap.

DEADLETTER first started music back in 2019 with their debut single ‘Good Old Days’ coming out last year. There is definitely a theme lyrically around corporate monopolies and how technology can remove some of the conscious decision making around art and entertainment. Hopefully this all gearing up for an EP release soon. Enjoy ‘Fall of the Big Screen’ below.