Divorce is the new alt-country and grunge-fuelled project from Kasper Sandstrom, Felix Mackenzie-Barrow, Tiger Cohen-Towell and Adam Peter-Smith.

The Nottingham band arrive at the start of 2022 with “Services” – a massively infectious indie-rock road trip punctuated by stops at grey, clinical service stations which explores the shaky borders between adolescence, in all its glorious excess, the weight of early adulthood, and the absurdity of life in a world turned on its head by late stage capitalism.
As Tiger explains, “Both teenage dysphoria and the reluctant ascent into the chaos of my mid-twenties meet each other in this track. I looked back on the suffocating boredom and the pain of being 16, and how I longed for the simplicity of human closeness and car journeys. I wanted to channel a zeitgeist that we all feel in touch with, pain, trauma and cacophonous emotion; summarised in the mundanity of a service station.”