Fat Dog

Like many a band that has recently emerged from London’s vibrant music scene, Fat Dog have earned their stripes at the venerable Windmill, among other places. Formed during the pandemic, the band’s DNA is characterised by a certain degree of social disgust, which is reflected not only in their gloriously dirty vocals, but also in their songwriting.

This songwriting is marked just as much by distorted rock’n’roll and a furious punk quality as it is by futuristic synths and driving backbeats. Joe, Morgan, Chris, Johnny, and Ben face their fans directly, eye to eye – instead of thumb to screen – and have been a real insider tip in the British cultural metropolis since last year. The energy with which the quintet blow up small halls and large venues alike is no longer easy to find these days. So if you want to experience punk on a new level, don’t hesitate to give this band an hour of your time.