Hunny Buzz

HUNNY BUZZ perfectly captures human nature’s duality in an Indie-pop melancholy and bubbly style. Lead vocalist Lyd Read undresses the struggles of modern love, within her personal and relatable lyricism and the band’s pastel guitar theme and colourful sound is refreshing and pure.

HUNNY BUZZ’s BBC Radio 1 debut single Love Me Like You Used To is about the natural bumps in the road that occur between two people in love. As a relationship grows, there is more to learn about one another and differences that go without notice in the honeymoon phase become more apparent. This is a story which enlightens the hiccups of a modern love story.’ Lyd’s American-twangy vocal style accompanies a powerful lead guitar taking inspiration from Indie-Pop, Alt-Rock and Folk genres. The track boasts influences such as The Pretenders, Taylor Swift and Paramore.

Singer/Songwriter Lydia Read has been writing and performing songs for as long as she can remember. In 2020 she moved to Bristol to immerse herself in the city’s creative music industry. She met melodic guitarist Rowan Barfoot and energetic drummer Billy Pedrick during this time. Several months later, they met songwriter, producer, and bassist Ewan Base, who completed their four-piece. The past two years have been packed with writing, performing, and recording, leading to their debut BBC Radio 1 single Love Me Like You Used To, presented by Gemma Bradley.