Jade Bird

The RCA studios in Nashville and North American americana/alt-rock music scene feature heavily in the life cycle of this new album as that’s where Jade recorded the majority of “Different Kinds of Light” with multi-Grammy award winning, powerhouse producer Dave Cobb.


Jade Bird’s self-titled debut album was received with much critical acclaim on release in 2019. Even as a first offering from the then 21 year old, the album helped set the bar for female musicianship in the current age, carried along by Jade’s mature and sharply observed narrative vignettes of relationships, divorce and everything in between. With this new album, Jade has grown, she’s travelled the world, collected stories, met fascinating new people, fathomed her own emotions and settled in Austin amongst a new and empowering musical family. This journey has helped her see love and relationships in a new light from her teenage self growing up in the UK.