Matt Edible & The Obtuse Angels

Holy Orders/Edible 5ft Smiths frontman appears not-quite-solo with a little help from some celestial friends.

Hull cult favourites the Edible 5ft Smiths made one and a half of the greatest undiscovered albums of the noughties before burning up in a small blaze of glory, leaving broken hearts scattered in their wake. Since then Matt has fronted awesomely heavy & twisted rock combo The Holy Orders, all the while building up a collection of distinctly different songs of his own, more akin to a continuation of the Edibles catalogue, culminating in the release of the critically acclaimed “Stairgazing” LP in 2017. He’s now back with a new collection of tunes and a new live band ready to wow the truckers afresh. 

    “The best thing out of Hull since The Humber Bridge” says Lift to Experience frontman Josh T. Pearson, and who would dare to disagree?