Piney Gir

Piney Gir has secretly been a modern witch for some time, channelling cosmic energy into her unique indie-rock-n-pop; her current EPs (Alchemy Hand & Astral Spectra – Reckless Yes Records) draw upon mystical, magical themes with psych-infused melodies.  

“Like Carole King fronting The Beatles.” – Loud Women

Piney moved from Kansas to London 20 years ago; Truck Records released her first albums, making this a special Truck Festival homecoming.  Her 11-piece (These Go To 11) all-star line-up includes members of Gaz Coombes‘ band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying BirdsPalaceWillie J HealeyPremium LeisureThe Auteurs… it’ll be chef’s kiss!