Truck Pancakes

These were…. interesting

To celebrate (probably) the greatest day of the year where we scoff our faces with the greatest egg-flour-based-fried-snack, we challenged you to create the best Pancake Truck Monster you could. The winner would receive 2x General Weekend Tickets to Truck Festival 2019 – and boy did you deliver.

Sequins, Food dye, Bingo Dabbers even Danny DeVito made the cut.. but there can only be one. Check them out below and find out the winner of tickets to the weekend of the year ????


A Truck Monster:


The Devito:


Glad the architecture school came in handy:


This would surely give you a heart attack:


I think you would be doing this a favour to be honest


Somehow this turned out to be quite an angry Monster:


The Potato:


Extra points for the flip:


BUT there can only be one. After much deliberation, and one genuine argument in the office, the winner is Hannah! With this quite brilliant multilayered-pancake-masterpiece. Congrats!