Guest-List: Home Counties

“Truck has a big place in our hearts”

Bristol-based Home Counties in just over 12 months have already got two (pre-lockdown) tours under their belt, released a killer EP ‘Redevelopment‘ and signed to our good friends Alcopop! We spoke to lead vocalist and guitarist Will Harrison about their Truck excitement, their new single and he curates a playlist with his current favourites.

“We are absolutely buzzing for [Truck]. This will actually be the first festival for Home Counties!” says Will “Truck has a big place in our hearts. We used to go the Truck record shop in Oxford a lot as teenagers, and we were lucky enough to play the festival three times over the years with our old band Haze. Every year the festival seems to get better and better, so we’re very excited to be invited to play it again as Home Counties.”

Home Counties killer new single, ‘White Shirt / Clean Shirt,’ has been through many iterations through the past year. Falling in and out of love many times, but under a new direction it’s found a new lease of life

The original version of the song was written on the road when we were touring with Hotel Lux up north last February” explains Harrison “we were in a mad panic to come up with enough songs to fill a set, and we had this funky number called ‘Wadda Boon Boon’ which described different characteristics of our synth player Barn (but the lyrics would change every night). It wasn’t very good. But then through lockdown when we started messing about with synthesisers and drum machines we revisited the song and it became a bit more up our street.”

Apart from themselves obviously, Will gives us some tips on who to check out at Truck Festival 2021 and put together over an hour of current his ear-worms!

“We’d definitely recommend DITZ, Egyptian Blue and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, who we’ve seen loads of times and never fail to impress.

“I’m also looking forward to catching The Orielles, who I’ve never seen before. And getting nostalgic to Bombay Bicycle Club

You can check out Home Counties’ playlist below:


Home Counties hit The Nest on Sunday at Truck Festival 2021

Much Love
Truck HQ x