Guest-List: Vistas

“Truck was definitely the highlight!”

On this week’s Guest-List we spoke to our absolute favourites Vistas about Truck 2019, their debut album and Truck 2020!

It’s been a crazy 12 months for the Scottish three-piece; sell-out headline shows, ridiculous streams on Spotify, and they blew the roof off the Main Stage last year!

“We’re so excited to be coming back to Truck Festival!” says Bassist Jamie Law, “last year we played some great shows but Truck was definitely the highlight from festival season!” – too kind x

But that’s not all, they’ve have just announced their debut album, ‘Everything Changes In The End‘, set for release the 29th May! No doubt packed to the rafters with indie bops – and perhaps even more songs perfect for a festival highlight reel. But inspired by someone you may not expect..

The View‘s debut album ‘Hats Off To The Buskers‘ really made us believe a group of mates from Scotland can make it in music.” Law says “but more recently though we’ve been really enjoying [Thursday Headliners] Blossoms. They’re now 3 albums in and they’ve consistently released great music.”

Jamie has put together a strong 55 minute mix of the best of the best Truck has to offer! You can check it out below, but we want to know who they’re looking forward too personally..

The Snuts and Aaron Smith. Both Scottish and both brilliant. We’ve been listening to Abbie Ozard who is great. Hopefully we can catch all of them.”


Vistas hit The Nest, Sunday at Truck Festival 2020

Much Love
Truck HQ x