The safety of all Truckers is of highest priority to us, and this means we must have certain rules in place to protect the safety of our younger festival-goers. Please see our age restrictions and ID requirements below:

16 & Over

Anyone 16 or over is welcome to attend the festival on their own without an adult, however, you will be asked to show proof of age on entry to access the event.

We accept the following forms of ID:

  • Your current passport – photocopies are accepted to gain entry but NOT to purchase alcohol at the bars.
  • Your UK Driver’s Licence or Provisional Licence
  • Citizen Card

Please note we cannot accept other forms of ID.  Photocopies will only be accepted to gain entry but the real document will have to be shown to purchase alcohol.

Under 16

Anyone who under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (21+) at all times.

Challenge 25 Policy

A challenge 25 policy will be in place for all alcohol sales on site.

If you look under 25, you will need a valid photo ID to be served alcohol.