Luna Lake

Luna Lake first made impressions back in 2019 with their self-titled, self produced & self released debut LP & quickly gained a cult following that were charmed by the playfully optimistic, yet sentimental sound that came from those recording sessions that summer. Throughout the material, Geordie singer-songwriter Bren Dowling sets a tender theme coexisting with a raw soulful voice. Accompanied by Cassidy Jones (keys/production), Flynn Tovey Ashforth (bass) & Toby Goldsmith (drums) who after playing for years together in other projects have established a distinctive sound to accommodate the songwriting, as well as a unique production style from the time spent in the recording studio. The last few years has seen the band mature & return with a timeless sound, yet still in keeping with the essence that gave them the unique character that keeps listeners coming back year on year. Currently heading towards its final production stages, the new LP “Always Noticing” evokes a long stare through hazy, late summer memories.