The Wytches

Brighton-formed in 2011, The Wytches, consisting of Kristian Bell (vocals, guitar), Dan Rumsey (bass, vocals), and Gianni Honey (drums), craft a raucous yet poetic sound led by Bell’s luminous lyricism and surf-like guitar bends.

Leaving Peterborough for Brighton in 2011, they embraced a DIY ethos, organizing shows, printing flyers, and even producing their own videos despite tight budgets. Their relentless approach led to numerous headline shows and support gigs for bands like Blood Red Shoes and Japandroids. After releasing singles and EPs with Hate Hate Hate Records, they caught the attention of Heavenly Recordings and Partisan Records, releasing their debut album, “Annabel Dream Reader,” in 2014.

Recorded at ToeRag Studios with producer Bill Ryder-Jones, the album showcases a dark, diverse sound spanning surf, grunge, and metalcore influences. The band, inspired by singer-songwriters, plans to evolve their sound with each album, already gearing up for a more intricate second record. After acclaim at SXSW, they continue extensive touring in 2014, promoting “Annabel Dream Reader” and unveiling singles, starting with the limited edition cassette, “Gravedweller.”