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The Rockin’ Chair!

Rockin’ Chair Line-up is here.. and it’s in the Barn!

We’ve teamed with our good friends Blue Rinse for the 3rd year to bring you The Rockin’ Chair! But this year with a twist.. they’re taking over The Barn!

We are proud to present 2019’s line-up; packed to rafters with Cabaret, Karaoke and late-night jaunts!

Whether it’s singing MUSTANG SALLY with Shaun Williamson, partying with The Mariachi Dorito’s band, winning (most-likely losing) at Musical Bingo or a good ole’ knees up with The Old Dirty Brasstards!

Be sure to head into The Barn this year…


The Mariachis •  Old Dirty Brasstards •  Barryoke w/ Shaun Williamson

Old Dirty Brasstards • Massaoke • Hip Hop Karaoke • Karaoke Hole • Musical Bingo

Mr B. The Gentleman Rhymer • The Lounge Kittens • The Hat Tricks •  The In Here-Brothers • Blue Rinse DJs