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Truck Festival 2022 is now SOLD OUT


We cannot thank you all enough for the support over the past couple of years, it is genuinely overwhelming and we are eternally grateful to all Truckers out there. Rest assured we are putting our all into delivering the greatest party Hill Farm has ever seen.

Ticket Waiting List

To avoid those nasty touts, we’re setting up a safe and easy way to buy/resell official Truck Festival tickets.

If you didn’t manage to secure a ticket you can now join our Waiting List, which will be used to offer a limited amount of tickets if they become available. These potential spaces arise due to incomplete payment plan purchases or tickets being submitted for resale.

To join the Waiting List, please follow this link

If you are an existing ticket holder who would like to submit your ticket(s) for Resale, you can register your interest here.

We’ll be contacting everyone on the waiting list in the coming months, please keep an eye on our Socials too!

Truck HQ x